“I’ve Been Hacked”

That is a popular statement that has been floating around social media over the past few years. People see a message in their messenger, click on the link, and immediately the hacker has access to their account. Hacking has been popular through email as well. There are millions of spam emails that go out each day that are intended for someone to click on a link and provide their information.

Technology has evolved so much that hackers from all over the world can access computers anywhere, at any time, and get whatever they want. The healthcare field is one of the most popular playing fields for hackers. They know that access into a medical database can give them thousands, if not millions, of social security numbers and contact information. They take them and then sell that information to others for high prices. The hackers get in through our weakest spots.

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest and most crucial technology fields. These specialists are making a lot of money trying to protect people from hackers. They do as much as they can to prevent hackers from intruding and stealing information. With all they do, they are still not immune to the risk of someone hacking in.

Our Christian life, we try to protect ourselves as much as we can but our souls are not immune to being hacked into as well. The devil places his army around the world to try to crack into our lives and destroy it. He wants to place a virus inside of our souls that will cause us to lose our connection with the Lord. The virus will not only destroy our souls but it will take a lot of work to get it cleaned up after it infects us. The devils get into our souls through our weakest spots.

What is your weak spot? What is one thing that causes you to stumble? What can you do to make sure that you are un-hackable?

Jesus is the best example of someone who was un-hackable. The devil tried to tempt Jesus a few times and all attempts failed (Matthew 4). The devil tried to tempt Jesus, with bread, while He was fasting. That attempt failed. The devil tried to get Jesus to jump from the highest point of the temple but that failed as well. The devil tried to tell Jesus that he would give Him control over the entire world if He would just worship him. Like the others, that failed too.

Jesus has the perfect protection for His soul. He had the word of God. Every time the devil tempted Him, he quoted different scriptures. He leaned 100% on the Word of God to protect him.

We should do the same. Each time we are tempted in our daily life, we need to look back at the examples in the scriptures to help guide us down the right path. No one is exempt from their souls being hacked. We must always pursue the will of God. If we do this, we will overcome any hacker that tries to destroy our soul.

Do you need protection for your soul? Give it to God.

God is Good…

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