You can’t scare me with Jesus

It was late at night and a guy made the decision that he needed to go to Walmart to get some things. He went into the store in middle Tennessee and shopped for what he had on his list. What he thought would be a routine trip to Walmart became much more adventurous. He checked out and walked out the door to his car. As he started to approach his car, a guy came up to him with a gun and demanded money. Now, this is where the story gets interesting. This man did not give him money. Instead, he turned to the robber and started yelling, “YOU CAN’T SCARE ME WITH JESUS”. The would-be robber turned and ran.

Pretty bold right! This guy was not afraid to die. He had confidence that if the robber pulled the trigger that he would be with Jesus.

Most of the time you would think that this would be a fabricated style story to push a point but this actually happened to a man that we use to attend church with.

How often are we certain that we would be with Jesus if we were to die at that moment. If we were in the guy’s shoes above and the robber would have pulled the trigger, where would you be? Would you be quick to say that you would be with God or would you question your destination?

I hope that we all would stay that we would be with Jesus.

If you are uncertain where you think you will be, I encourage you to take a step back and pray. If you are already a faithful follower of Christ but you are questioning where you may end up, it is time to repent and get your life back on the narrow path to eternity with Him. Even faithful Christians, have struggles. Being a Christian does not mean an easy road. It can actually be much harder. God is there for you. He is there for all of us who struggle daily to live faithfully. He is waiting for you.

If you aren’t a follower of Christ yet, don’t wait. There is no reason to wait for a special Sunday. There is no reason to sign up to be baptized. If you believe in Christ, repent of your sins and confess His name. Then, make the important life-changing decision to be baptized. Live faithfull for Christ and you too will be able to confidently say that you will be with Jesus when your time on earth is over.

God is Good…

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