Back to School

Summer break is coming to an end for most of the area. We have enjoyed the summer with our kids even though it went by very fast. They have had a great time not having to worry as much about bedtimes, homework, and other things. I have had a great summer not having to pack lunches and the low amount of traffic on the way to work.

All of these changes for our kids beginning Monday. It is back to school time. The kids’ brains are rested from last school year and it is time to get them going strong again.

As we take our kids to school, and for the teachers going to school, we need to remember what is most important in our life. For the past two months, they have not had to think about anything school-related so it has been easy to prioritize and keep Christ first. Now that school is starting, it will seem that school will take up the majority of the days. It is important that. although school has started, that we maintain Christ at the top and not place school before Him.

For families, it is a great time to get back in the nightly routine for family devotionals. This seems to always be the hardest when school starts for our family. The afternoons change but we need to work on making time for Christ first and then the rest will fall in later.

Lastly, pray for all of those starting back to school. Teachers and kids need prayers for a successful school year. Kids need prayers to be respectful and Christlike while teachers do as well. Patience is important for both to make it through without killing each other!!

Always remember who you are… A child of God…

God is Good…

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