Under Contract

Have you ever tried to sell a house? The entire process can be time-consuming and stressful. For the timeframe it is on the market, you have to keep your house spotless in case anyone wants to come to see it. You are hopeful that it sells quickly.

Over the past few months, our house has been on the market. It has been fun but stressful at times. We have had offers that we have turned down in hopes of better offers. Unfortunately for us, the builders in the area were drawing people away from our house. People would rather wait to build a new house than buy one three years old.

Well, as of last night, we now have a contract. It is exciting to have a contract on our house because it gives us a light to a new chapter in our life. The goals that we have set with this sell are going to start falling into place. Now, we just wait until the closing date.

One of the most exciting times of my life, as well as others, was when I signed a contract. It was the contract with God. When we repent of our sins, confess Christ, and are baptized we enter a contract, or covenant, with Christ to follow Him. I remember the feeling that I had was no comparison to any other feeling. Knowing that the contract I had with God did not have a closing date. It lasts for eternity.

Some of us tend to breach the agreement we have with Christ and go other ways. We have fallen and lived a life of sin. The contract with God is not like a home contract. With a home, if you break the contract you risk losing it forever and have a very little chance of getting it back. God is different. God is forgiving. If you break His contract, He will allow you to renew it. You have to repent of those sins and if you are already a Christian, your contract is renewed.

If you are one who has broken your covenant with Christ, let us pray for you. We would love to pray for you so you can get back to Him and live with Him when it is time to depart this earth.

God is Good…

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