Inspection Report

Part of the selling process, after you have a contract on your home, is the home inspection. Many of you all have been through this step and it can be very frustrating. You have a nice, in some cases brand new home that you have taken care of for a few years. You have customized the home just the way that you like it and it makes you feel at home when you are in it.

Now, you have sold your house and a home inspector comes into look at the house. Two hours of going through every room and exterior of the home. The inspector leaves and now it is the waiting game. The time that you have to sit and wonder what he has seen in your home that you need to fix. Next, the report comes back. You realize the beauty that you have seen for the past few years is not the same in someone else’s eyes. The report has things on it that you did not recognize and you had no clue that needed to be fixed.

The report is very detailed and you must fix the issues that were returned to you so you can get your home sold and closed on time. If you do not fix the items, you risk not selling your house and breaking the contract that you had with the buyers.

Our life on earth can be compared to that of buying and selling a home. You have a body and soul that you work on every day. People live their lives, they are happy, and they believe that there is nothing wrong with any aspect of their life.

What if we were required to have an inspection report of our life at certain ages? What if God called down to us when we hit 40 years old and tells us that it is time for an inspection report? What would be on your report?

Just imagine, you are 40 years old and it is time for your inspection. God sends down a couple of angels to critique the life you have been living for the past 40 years. You sit down and you are not nervous at all. You aren’t nervous because you know that you have been happy and lived a great life so far. Then, the report comes back. The angels hand it to you and then they leave. The top of the report says, “In order to make it to heaven, you must immediately change the following critical items”. The deadline is marked as unknown because no one knows when their time is over. What are you going to do?

We all will have flaws in our report. Just like the home inspection. Even with the home inspection, only the major issues are reported. The issues that will cause the deal to fail. The same with our spiritual inspection. We need to fix the issues that will cause us to fail.

Are you living a life of sin? I’m not talking about do you sin but are you choosing to constantly pursue sinful acts? If you are, those things are listed on your inspection report and need to be immediately fixed before you will be able to enter the gates of heaven. We don’t know when that day will be. It may be tomorrow or fifty years from now. Don’t let the devil win.

God is Good…

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