This past week has been bombarded with crime that has taken the lives of many people. It is a sad time in our country and our country needs prayers. Since I have been alive, the crime has continued to increase. People are blaming them on the guns while others blame it on the people. Many are calling out for the end of guns and to make entire states gun-free zones although statistics show that gun-free cities do not help the murder rate. In most cases, it is actually higher.

This post is not about gun-laws but it is about encouragement. How do we link these? It is quite simple in my opinion. Our country has quit encouraging people to love others. The people in our country have started to encourage people to stand up and hate their neighbor instead of loving their neighbor. If your neighbor is a democrat and you are a republican, you are encouraged to hate them. If your neighbor his homosexual and you are not, you are encouraged to hate them. It is sad but that is the truth. You see it on television every single day. With all of the encouragement of hatred, no wonder there are so many mass killings with any kind of weapon.

What do we need to do? We need to encourage our youth to love everyone. God is love. Encourage our children to be spiritually connected to others. They need to love others and care about their souls. If we all truly loved our neighbors, we would not want to end their life.

Our kids are going back to school this week. Many are heading off to college on their own for the first time while others are going back for another school year. What do we need to do before they go? We need to encourage them to be Christ-like.

Tomorrow morning, everyone….whether you are a Christian or not…whether you go to church of Christ, baptist, methodist, or you have your own denomination…YOU are invited to attend a Youth Encouragement Seminar at the Southern Hills church of Christ building. This program will help our youth understand that they need a plan, develop a pilot for their plan, and get them off the ground.

Details can be found here…https://www.facebook.com/events/391055691543823/

If you want to eat FREE Chic-fil-a aftewards, you must RSVP today. If you don’t want Chic-fil-a, just come on… Everyone is welcome!

God is Good…

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