Entertaining Worship

Yesterday, I placed a poll out on Facebook that asked a simple question. The question was “What type of event would you most likely attend?”. The possible answers were: 1) Event with only a speaker  2) Event with a speaker and free food  3)Event with a speaker, free food, and inflatables.

I had a feeling what the answer would be when I put the poll out there. My assumption was correct, unfortunately. It appeared that most people would rather attend an event that had a speaker, free food, and inflatables. Why inflatables? Because they are fun.

Many churches nowadays are leaning towards attracting people with entertainment and not with simple scripture. Even a capella congregations are introducing music to bring people in. All of the events are centered on entertaining others. I have even heard people say, “I love my church because we ‘get down'”. Is that a good reason to love your church?

So, why? What happened to traditional, straight Bible, worship? When Jesus presented His sermons, did He have intro music? Did He have a band that followed Him around and jammed out before and after He spoke? Did He bring a traveling carnival with Him with inflatables to get people to attend?

Simple answer: No.

I know that there can never be a preacher that can be compared to Jesus but why can’t we show up to hear our ministers without worrying if the music or singing will be good enough. People state often that they get more out of worship when the music is played but is that even Biblical? If you get more out of the music then something in your heart may need to be fixed. You should be attending services to hear God’s Word not the words of others through music that was not inspired by Christ like scripture is.

Not to keep the subject on music but this can include attending worship for the fun activities afterward as well. If we are only attending events because there are inflatables and food, aren’t we attending for the wrong reasons? We should be attending them to grow spiritually closer to Christ, not to entertain ourselves or to push the kids off on someone else to watch.

Please remember, I am not pointing anyone out specifically or any type of denomination. I am only presenting my thoughts on the survey that I conducted yesterday.

God is amazing and deserves our full attention when we worship Him.

God is Good…

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