Airplane Mechanic

Today is day 365. One year ago, I decided that I would start typing a couple of thoughts each morning. These thoughts have led to longer thoughts, deeper thoughts, and even the opportunity to publish some of my thoughts in “THINK Magazine – Focus Press”. A little challenge to myself to try to reach a couple of people through social media blog posts have turned into something that has helped me stay focused and dedicated to spreading God’s word. Thank you for all of the support and encouragement over the past year.

Now, on to the post 🙂

This weekend, we attended a seminar that was hosted by our local congregation. It was a Youth Encouragement Seminar that was held for area youth and their families to attend to help kick start their school year with encouragement to live Christlike and spread His word.

There were three main topics:

  1. Do you have a flight plan?
  2. Who’s in your pilot’s seat?
  3. Buckle Up! Turbulence ahead.

Each lesson was geared perfectly to encourage everyone to have God as your pilot. Not your co-pilot but your only pilot. Let Him be in control of your flight plan. Then, when there are rough patches ahead in your life, He will be there to direct you right through them.

That led me to think about the rough patches. Many of us have been through times in our life where we have put God in the back of our plane and we took control. Then, our plane (our life) had issues that caused it to sputter and crash at times.

God doesn’t only need to be your pilot but He also needs to be your airplane mechanic. Whenever we are having engine problems, we hire a mechanic to fix them. The same works with our spiritual life. When our life is bombarded with sin and we can’t get out of it, we need God to come in and fix it. He has his own unique ways to help us deal with troubled times and these ways will help make us stronger. God will fix our plane when we are about to crash.

If your engine has problems and you need to straighten it out, let God guide you. Let Him take over the cockpit and steer the plane to safety so He can get out and help fix all of the problems that you are experiencing. He is the most qualified person that has ever existed. It is time, give him the controls.

God is Good…

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