The Greatest Team

Many of us are sports fans. I was born in the ’80s so we have been fortunate to see many great teams come and go in all different types of sports. Each generation has teams that they remember as some of the greatest of their time. For me, in the NBA, the 1991 – 1998 Chicago Bulls were the greatest basketball team that I can remember. That team won six NBA championships over that time frame. The NFL, although some many argue and I am not a huge fan, the New England Patriots are proving to be one of the best teams in the history of football. Finally, the best major league baseball team, in my opinion, would be the Atlanta Braves of the ’90s. You can also throw in the New York Yankees as they were major rivals during the playoff season.

What about you? What is the greatest team that you have ever been on? I was on a lot of little league baseball teams but for me, it was a Fowlkes Furniture team that we went undefeated one year and lost only one game the next.

What is the number one key to a successful team? Teamwork… Wisdom…

All of the teams above, even my little league team, had teamwork and wisdom. When everyone comes together and works as a team, many things can get accomplished. The team does not have to have the best players in the league. As long as each one of them work hard to do their part, do it as a team, and have the same goal in mind then championships can be won.

Have you ever thought about the greatest team you will ever be on? The Lord’s team is the greatest team that you will ever have the opportunity to be a part of.

Proverbs 8 gives us a clear definition of how wisdom plays a roll in building something powerful. God used His wisdom to design the entire universe. It takes a lot of wisdom to make something out of nothing. We need to use our knowledge and wisdom to help build ourselves in Christ and help others come to Him as well.

Blessed are those who have wisdom, who seek wisdom, and whoever has it, has life (Proverbs 8:32-34).

We have the ability to come together, as a team, and use our knowledge and wisdom to build a team that can bring many people to Christ. If you are already a member of the Lord’s family, you are already on the greatest team you will ever be on. Are you playing your part to help this team win? Are you going out and spreading God’s word and living in a Christlike life? Do you put Him first over all else?

If not, now is the time to step up and contribute as you are commanded to. Help this team build and gain as many souls as possible so we all can be a part of the greatest championship that will ever occur; eternal life with Christ.

God is good…

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