Showing Love

This morning, Ady Kate did not want to go to school. She knew that it was Friday and on Friday’s I am remote. There are a lot of changes going on at home since our house has sold and in a week we will be somewhere different. She wanted to stay at home with me to keep me company. On her way to school, she video called me and talked up until the bell rang for her to go into her class. She really was upset that she could not stay home with me.

I think of how she was acting and how much love she was showing for me during that time and I think about how we treat our Heavenly Father. Do we treat God with the same love that our own kids show us? Do we ever miss God enough that we are in tears and heartbroken that He is not physically with us?

I know we love God. We love everything He has blessed us with but sometimes I fail to show love to Him like I should. I can get so caught up in everything else that I forget to just give it all to Him.

Today may be the end of the week but reflect back on the past week and thank God for all He has blessed you with.

God is Good…

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