Controlling the situation

Often times when we are in a tough situation we try to be the one in to control. It is natural for us as parents to be the one who wants to be in control when our child is sick. We want to make all of the decisions and everything to go just as we want it to. Then, when things do not start going the way that we have planned, we begin to get upset and blame others. Sometimes we turn defensive and start being negative to everyone that tries to help. We only see one way and that is our way, no one else’s.

Sometimes we need to sit back, take a deep breath, and just let someone else take control. Last night, we watched the movie Breakthrough again. The mother in the story wanted so badly to be the one in control. She wanted everything to go just as she wanted it and wanted everyone to act the way she wanted them to act. She because rude and hateful to everyone. When she realized that she needed to let God take control completely, things began to change for her son.

We need to let God have complete control of our life. He has a plan for us. Just like the boy from the movie, God had a plan for Him. It is hard to give up our power and give it to someone else but sometimes we need to. Let God be the pilot all of the time.

If you are struggling with sicknesses, such as cancer or another type of disease, give it all to Christ. That doesn’t mean stop seeing doctors, that means go to Him in prayer and put your faith in Him that He will provide you with the best outcome possible. He knows what is best for you. Doctors can assist but God is the ultimate healer.

The same works if you are living a life of sin. If you are struggling with a sinful life, it is time that you put God in the driver seat and let Him take control of your life. Let Him guide you to where you need to be. Let Him place people in your life that can help you.

Is it time that you quit trying to control your outcome? Do you think you can determine your destination without God in the driver seat?

God is Good…

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