Christ at the workplace

Christ at Work

What do you talk about at work? Now, I’m not talking about work-related tasks or projects.. I’m talking about your break room talk. Do you talk about your weekend plans, sports, concerts, or vacation plans? Like the majority of us, we talk about everything that comes to mind.

Did you know that the majority of companies do not have any type of policies against what types of talk can occur within a company except for types of sexual harassments? This means you can basically talk about anything….Even Christ. How many of us actually talk about our religious views at the office? When we go into the break room, do we bring up Christ? I’m guilty of not doing this. I do have great Christian brothers and sisters that work on the same floor as me and we do have our discussions but beyond them, the talk is minimal.

If we are to go out into the world and talk about Christ, shouldn’t that include our workspace? Of course, you have to provide for your family so you do not want to do anything that will get your fired but we should share our faith with others in respectful ways.

So we call ourselves Christians.. Don’t you think it’s time that we all step up and talk about Christ to others? Matthew 9:37 states that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Let’s all try to stop being timid in our faith. It can be a simple invite to a church event or a simple “I’m praying for you” to get your faith talks started. Jesus commands us to spread His name. We should all try to do it more often and make this world a better place.

*This is one of my original posts that got me started. While we are moving out of our house and getting re-settled, I will share some of my old thoughts as well*

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