Final Episode

For years you have been watching your favorite television show. Each week your friends and you get together to watch the newest episode. The excitement of the possibilities of what could happen this week that carried over from the last episode drives you crazy.

Then, after years of your weekly tradition, the show announces it is over. The final episode will be on television and you and your friends prepare for it. The last night together doing what you have loved for years. The joy that you once had is just a memory. A great memory of fellowship with your friends but it is still just a memory.

Today marked a final episode for our family. We sold our home and closed on it today. It was the first house that we built as a family. Many memories have been made in that house and even new additions to our family. No, not a kid but a dog and a fish! We knew that the final episode would come when we decided to list our house. It is a sad day but it is an exciting day as well. We are excited about the future and the possibilities we have to serve God.

Ther is one place that will never have a final episode. Your life… No matter what your final destination will be, there will never be an end. You can attend worship every time the opportunity is given. The best part is that you know that there will never be a final episode to worshiping Christ. Even when your time on earth is completed, the new season will begin. We pray that our new season will be a happy season full of love, joy, and praise to God. We certainly don’t want our next season to be filled with pain, suffering, and poor ratings.

Where are you at in your life?

What does your next season look like?

It is not too late to rewrite the script that will get you to eternity with Christ. If you need help, please reach out to a brother or sister in Christ now. Don’t wait.

God is Good…

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