Being Challenged

Football season has started. The college season started this past weekend and the NFL season starts this coming up weekend. All of the talks over the past few weeks has been about how good teams are going to be, who’s going to win the National Championship, and who has the best chance to win the Super Bowl.

During these talks, people are quoting stats and historic information of their favorite teams. You hear people telling others about how many touchdowns their favorite quarterback has had over the past 5 years or how many rushing yards their new running back had in college. They know their team’s stats backward and forwards.

Whey do they know so much about their team stats? They want to be prepared. They want to be prepared in case someone comes up to them and asks them a question about the upcoming season. They want to be able to defend their team’s honor in the face of an opponent. Mainly because it would be highly embarrassing if you didn’t know the facts about your team if someone challenged you.

Do you know what is embarassing?

It is embarasing when people challenge our knowledge of scripture and we are left telling them that we will have to get back with them after we research. But, we can turn the topic and give them our favorite team’s stats without a blink of an eye.

When people question our knowledge of God’ Word, we should be just as prepared… No, we should be more prepared than we are with worldly things. Our spiritual walk with Christ is the most important thing in our life but it often times get put on the backburner to sports, work, or politics.

Are you prepared? Are you ready for someone to randomly approach you and question your faith? Are you able to stand firm on what you believe and debate issues that someone with un-like faith will bring you?

If you are at the point where you feel that you will not win the battle with someone who challenges you, then it is time to shift your priorities. Dig into the Word instead of worldly things. It is time we all stand firm in our faith and grow in our knowledge so we can be ready for any spiritual battle.

God is Good…

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