How do people look so calm and collective on the outside but on the inside they are very scattered?

We never really know what is going on with someone’s life. They can be the happiest looking person on the outside but on the inside, they could be struggling with things that are unexplainable. People who often are struggling with things in their life try to mask it by acting like nothing is wrong. Eventually, it leads to severe depression or even worse events. Those who struggle do not need to be afraid to reach out to someone who needs help. Do not resort to alcohol, drugs, or anything else. There are resources available to everyone at all times.

As Christians, it can be very difficult to see who all has struggles. We know that people struggle in their own ways but it is hard to actually see it. How are we supposed to know if those people do not reach out? We need to get to know our brothers and sisters. We need to be the person that our friends and family can trust in any scenario that way if they are struggling, they will come to us immediately for assistance.

Being a follower of God does not make us exempt from troubles that can impact our life. A lot of times, it can make it harder because the world is constantly trying to attack us. Then, we fall into the trap. We then put on the mask so no one can see that we are being destroyed inside. All they see is the outside where we look like we are the happiest person with no worries at all but in reality, we are being picked apart by our own conscious.

People struggle daily. We don’t know it because we can’t see it. If you are one of those struggling, please reach out to someone. You do not have to do it publically. Put your faith in God to help heal you.

If you are not a Christian and you are struggling, why not give following our awesome God a shot? You are struggling so the way you are going is not working out for you anyways. God loves you and He will accept you and let you have the shot at eternal life with Him. There are many brother and sisters in Christ waiting to help you.

God is Good…

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