Looking for Land

Since closing on our house, we have moved into an apartment to save some money for a couple of months while we look for land. Looking for land has become a very difficult process. Each day we get on our real estate app and search for exactly what we want. Some of the land looks very appealing while some looks like it could use a complete makeover. We want to get what will be the best for our family so we can start the process of building our home that we will be in for a long time.

The process for looking can be very tiring. We have a real estate agent that looks for us daily as well and always informs us of new homes and pieces of land that hit the market. We know that one of these days, hopefully soon, we will find exactly what we are looking for and begin the buying and building process soon.

We put a lot of trust in a real estate agent to help us find the perfect place here on earth. What is great to know is that we have the perfect real estate agent guiding us throughout our life and building the perfect place for us when we leave this earth. We do not have to worry if our mansion in Heaven will have enough rooms, God has it under control. He knows exactly what we need, how to build it, and when to call us home when it is ready for us. He has taken the stress out of the entire search for a Heavenly home.

Do you have Christ working as your real estate agent? If not, it is time to allow Him to take control.

God is Good…

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