Would Jesus Like Your Post?

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have quickly become a daily routine in millions of peoples’ household. From the time they wake up until they close their eyes at night, they spend hours on social media. Most of the time people are just curious as to what others are doing while others engage in conversations with their ‘friends’. I have to admit, I do enjoy keeping in touch with friends and family all over the country. It is nice to be able to see pictures of a baby cousin born in Chicago who I may not have seen for years. Social media can be a great tool when used properly.

Are you the one who likes to post on your favorite social media platform? If so, would Jesus ‘like’ your post or would he ‘dislike’ it?

Facebook gives you the ability to quickly post on your timeline or under someone else’s post. How often do you post without thinking of the impact it may have on someone else? I’ve seen many of my friends, who are Christians and non-Christians, post things that negatively impact someone else. People begin to argue and defend themselves and the post thread quickly becomes a heated battle. Do you think Jesus would like posts like this?

As Christians, we should be a positive example at all times, including posting on social media platforms. Instead of posting negative things about politicians, celebrities, or things you disagree with; we should think about turning those posts around into inspirational, encouraging, and faith-driven posts. When you degrade someone’s lifestyle, it does nothing but drives them further away from you. And if you are a faithful Christian, that could drive them further away from Christ.

We have all heard of the term WWJD (What Would Jesus Do). What if we took it to social media and each time we posted something we thought “Would Jesus like or dislike this post?”.

It is time that we as Christians changed the way we interact on Facebook. Ditch the bashing on others posts and post some words of encouragement instead. No matter what your social status is or your proclaimed political party we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. It is time we spread our love everywhere.

Have you recently hurt someone or lost a real friend because of something you had said to them in person or on social media. We all have been in situations where we have hurt someone in one way or another. You may not even know that you have hurt them. Reaching out for forgiveness through social media would be a start to confront those who you may have unknowingly hurt.

From now on, let’s always think about Jesus would think of our posts.

God is good.

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