The BIG day

Last night was the BIG day for professional athletes in the NFL. Since the end of last year, they have been working on keeping their bodies in shape so they will be prepared for the new season. They spend countless hours in the weight room, on the practice fields, and doing things to better themselves throughout the offseason.

It was opening night and the players were able to test their skills once again. You could tell the players were pumped up to get out on the field. It was what they had been working towards since their last game of the previous year.

How are we preparing for our big day? I’m not talking about the BIG day that you will get married if you aren’t married. I’m not talking about your big day at your new job. And no, I am not talking about the first day of hunting season. I am talking about the BIG day when Jesus comes back to take us home.

What are we doing to prepare ourselves? I’m guilty because I don’t think that I am doing enough. I do a lot but is it enough to make Jesus want me to go with Him back home? The truth of the matter is that we can always do more. I’m not talking about works in general but simply everything. I can spend more time studying the Bible. I can spend more time studying with my family. I can spend more time serving others. There are so many things that I can do to prepare myself for Jesus’s return.

In our Christian walk, there is no offseason. We don’t get time off to take a break. We are always followers of Christ and we must remain faithful to Him at all times.

So, what are you doing to prepare yourself? What can you do more to help better your relationship with Him?

If you need someone to help motivate you, let’s do it together. Let’s get together and let’s make a difference in people’s life. I need to do better and if you do as well, we can do it together.

God is Good…

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