Meaningful Mess

Have you ever been in a mess? I’m not talking about if you have been inside your home and it was a mess because you have left things out and it has become a tornado inside your home. I am speaking more of the type of messes that you get in financially or maybe even with your health.

People get into unexpected messes all of the time. If you are a professional athlete and you get hurt, you may be in a mess because you won’t get to play and may not even get paid. There may be a person who has suddenly lost their job and has landed them in a financial mess. Each person has been dealt with things in many different ways.

Messes that are unexpected can be very stressful. One thing for sure is that if it not handled correctly, it can cause the end result to be traumatic.

So what do we need to do when we are dealt a mess that we have a hard time handling? We need to make it meaningful. What does that mean? You want to handle the situation you have been handed in a way that you will be able to learn from and then take it and help others overcome the same way. Turn to God. He is our number one resource when it comes to getting through life’s challenges.

Why turn to God?

God already knows what we are dealing with. Psalms 139 tells us that God knows exactly where we have been, where we are presently at, and where we will be going with all of our life’s decisions.

God is God and the quicker that we realize that we are not capable of handling all situations by ourselves, the quicker we can turn our faith to Him. Romans 8:28 informs us that all things work together for good to those who love God. Through the struggles that we are dealing with, we have the opportunity to become more Christlike.

God is perfect. He doesn’t make mistakes and He will not make a mistake when handling your situation either. Life is full of messes that we deal with daily. Each of these messes can draw us closer to God if we let Him lead the way.

In order to make our messes meaningful, we must give God full control.

Are you dealing with something that you need help with? Have you put your faith in God to lead the way? If you haven’t, now is the time to do it. There are many fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who would love to be able to help you through your troublesome times. We are a simple call, email, or text away.

If you have turned it all over to Him, you are on the right path and you just need to wait for His plan to roll out. Even if you have given your mess to God, we would still love to help you. Maybe reaching out to other members of God’s family is the next step that He is waiting for you to do. We would love to help.

Please don’t wait…

God is Good…

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