Silent Mode

There are so many people I know that turn their phone off to silent each night before they go to bed. They do it because they do not want to be bothered at any time of the night. Maybe they do it because they are tired and want to sleep uninterruptedly or maybe they do it because they had a busy day at work and do not want anyone to bother them. That satisfaction of knowing they are unreachable makes them sleep better.

Then, there are those who never turn their phone off. The only time it is silent is during events such as worship. Many would think, “Why in the world would they do this?”  Simple answer, so they can be reached by anyone at any time in case anyone needs anything. They are always willing to wake up, answer their phone, and help anyone who may need help.

What is God turned of the prayer line? What if He said, “You know what, today I am tired of answering prayers and I am going to put my line on silent so I don’t hear them”. How would that make us feel when we reach out to the one that can help us at any time but He is unavailable. Well, luckily for us, we do not have to worry about that. God is always available. It doesn’t matter where you are, what you are doing, or what time of the day it is He will be there to help you out. He will not hit the ignore button. He will listen to you.

As for myself, I will work on being more Christlike in this matter. When someone needs something, I want to be there to listen to them. My phone will always be on a ring and the loudest volume. I don’t care what time of day or night it is, I will try my best to answer you. I will not turn my phone off on purpose because that may be the time that you need me the most.

God is Good…

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