The Last Night

On September 10, 2001, thousands of people went to bed. They went to bed not knowing what the next day would bring. They went to bed not knowing that the next morning they would be part of history. It would be history that changed the world. Many would unknowingly give their life at the hands of terrorists. Heros were made that day. Thousands of them.

At this moment on September 11, 2001, a plane hit the world trade center. At this moment, people began to panic and run. At this moment, people united to help each other through what would be the most horrific event that has ever happened in our lifetime. Heros were made. The United States became truly ‘United’.

The night before, people went to bed not knowing that it would be their last day on this earth. I am sure that if they would have known that their life would have ended the next day, many would have made different decisions. Many would have done the same thing they had done.

The truth is we go to bed each night not knowing if we are going to wake up. We don’t know if we are going to meet Jesus on our own or if He will come back. We also don’t know if something tragic will happen again as it did 18 years ago on this date.

I am as guilty as any when it comes to not living each day fully Christlike. I am not perfect and I could try a lot harder. Why don’t we live our life like we may not wake up the next day? We don’t know the time nor day that Christ will decide to come back. We do know that it will be unannounced. No one will know but it will happen.

Today is a day that we will remember all of the brave men and women who helped the victims of the attacks. We will remember all of the victims.

We need to focus on our life and make sure that we know that we will go to Heaven if our time on earth was to suddenly end. If you don’t know Christ, I would love to have you come visit with our church family. If you aren’t local, we can help you find one that will develop your relationship with God. Get to know Him, repent of your sins and confess that He is Christ and be baptized. Then, when that day comes that you won’t wake up on the earth, you will wake up with Him in Heaven.

God is Good…

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