What is your comfort? Some people rely on reading books, watching tv, a blanket, and many other different types of things to help them get through certain situations. We have all seen the kids who have security blankets that help them feel protected. Other kids have stuffed animals. Even adults still have things they need to help them.

Last night, we had a rough night at bedtime. One of ours suffers from anxiety and did not want to go to bed. After speaking with them about having nothing to worry about, it did not help the comfort level at all. His stress level was very elevated and he did not want to go to bed alone. I mentioned to him that he had some of his stuffed animals with him that he could cuddle. That did not work. He wanted physical assurance that he would be safe. He told me that he wanted someone to stay in the room because that would help his comfort levels. I stayed, he finally went to sleep.

We all need to be comforted at times. With God, that can be anytime. Why? Because God is always with us. He is everywhere we go and is always there to talk to. We often forget how easy it is to turn to God and just tell Him about all of our struggles. The one person who loves us more than anyone, we often put last when it comes to spilling our guts to.

God is our comforter. He is our savior and He is the one that can help us through any situation. I am working on this myself and hope that I can get our children to learn that God is the ultimate comforter. Always turn to Him when we need help.

God is Good…

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