Last night, the boys and I went over to the Dyersburg High School football game. We got into town later so at halftime we swung by and went into the game and watch the rest of it. When we pulled up, we noticed there were tents set up with large balloon numbers tied to them. The one we noticed was ’89. The Dyersburg High School class of 1989 was there celebrating their 30-year reunion.

Watching some fo the people, you could tell that they were excited to see each other. You could hear the laughter and excitement in their voices as we passed by. I could imagine that most of that comes from stories that they were telling each other about events that happened while they were growing up together. Today, there are more events that they will get together and visit to remember their past.

If you think the excitement of the school reunions is great times, imagine what the reunion with Christ will be like when it is time to head home to Him. There will be people that you knew growing up that passed on well before their time. Grandparents, parents, and even children will be there waiting for you to walk through that gate. They will be waiting for you to come to spend eternity with them.

You want to be a part of that reunion? A reunion that really can’t be described. If you want to be a part of that day, you have to be a member of God’s family. If you aren’t a member of his family, you need to get to know Him before it is too late. Don’t miss out!

If you want to get to know Christ and spend eternity with Him and all those that have already left the earth destined for Heaven, let me know. We will welcome you with open arms and ready for you to be a part of our family. Even if you have strayed away from Christ and need to come back, we are there for you. We are waiting. It is up to you to come back so you can enjoy the reunion in Heaven.

God is Good.

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