Checking The Box

What a week. Last week was a rough week. We had so much going on and it was nice to have an end to the week and be able to relax a little. Yesterday morning, we woke up and went to church. After church, we went to eat and then we took the rest of the afternoon off. Football was on so we got to see our favorite teams play. Sunday’s are great for football. Unfortunately, I was not able to get my Sunday afternoon nap in because the Braves were playing baseball and I wanted to watch that game. My nap was skipped and then we had to go back to the church that afternoon.

Now, Sunday is over, my worship boxes have been checked and I am ready to conquer the week. So much to do this week at work and so much do after work with the kids and their school. It’s homecoming week! It will be a busy week but it will be fun. Can’t wait.

Sadly, the above scenario happens each week. People tend to prioritize their life incorrectly. They go into the weekend thinking about all the worldly events and very seldom look forward to actually worshipping on Sunday. People simply ‘check the box’ when it comes to worship. Once they leave the building, everything else takes the place of God.

When we consistently place everything above Christ, the world becomes our idol. I admit football season is one of the most fun parts of the year but it should never be placed before Christ. We should never skip service to watch football. The same with any event. If you are having to skip your time with Christ to attend events, it is time to rethink your priorities. We have to make time for Him.

It is your time to leave the earth and judgment day comes. God sees you coming but instead of being excited to see you, He simply looks at you and says, “I am sorry, I don’t have time for you a right now. I have something else that I want to do.” How would that make you feel? Well, it happens every day with us and our relationship with Him. We put things that we think are more important, at the moment, before Him. It is time that we all change that.

Don’t just check the box and mark God off your list once you are done on Sundays. Having God in your life each and every moment of the week will bring you closer to Him and also help you bring others closer to Christ as well.

God is Good…

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