Staying in your lane

Driving down the interstate in Nashville rush hour traffic can be difficult and very frustrating to navigate. There are thousands of cars coming from every part of middle Tennessee and flooding the four lanes of traffic that has been paved out. In those four lanes are people with many different destinations. Some are heading to work, to school, and simply just out riding around. Sometimes I believe that people, with no where to go, jump on the interstate and drive slow just to try to upset others that actually have somewhere to go.

Then, there are the drivers that pay no attention and don’t really care about anything but their own selves. They swerve from lane to lane without any signal and do not care if they push you out of the way and cause you to lose control. Many wrecks on the interstate are caused by people who come over on someone else and that person has to try to navigate themselves out of a mess and end up wrecking. That one incident causes one car to lose control and others fall victim to the same wreck.

Our daily drive with Jesus is the same way. We are all in our own lane and trying our best to make it to the destination that has been promised to us. We obey the laws that have been laid out to us and we work hard to make sure that we help spread to others what God has planned for us. Then, the world enters our lane. People try to knock us out of our lane, slow us down, and delay our progression. Every now and again, the world enters our lane and causes us to completely crash. We get slammed into the middle barrier and spiral out of control. Many times it brings others around us down as well. They fall victim to the wreck the world has caused just like we did.

Just like driving down a busy interstate in Nashville’s rush hour, we need to always stay alert and 100% aware of our surroundings. We need to do this so when that one person enters our lane and causes us to shift our momentum, we will be able to recover quickly and easily and avoid mass destruction.

Some of us have troubles avoiding wrecks. That is perfectly fine because when we do wreck, we have the perfect mechanic that is there to rebuild us. We need to take our wreck and totalled life to Christ and let Him heal it. Only He can put it back to perfect condition. We have to be willing to let him repair our life so we don’t keep driving our life with a salvaged title.

If you need help finding God’s repair shop, there are many people around that are willing to help get you there as quickly as possible. You have to make the choice to be repaired or drive a broken life. Let the brothers and sisters in Christ guide you. Don’t wait, let’s get you fixed up right now before it is too late.

God is good…

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