Do Miracles Still Happen

Throughout the Bible, we read of miracles that happen. Jesus healed many people, rose people from the dead, turned water to wine, and fed thousands with just a small portion. These all occurred in the Bible but do miracles still happen today?

There are many people who have the ‘I have to see it to believe it’ attitude. They want to see someone perform the miracle before they believe it. Sadly, they overlook the idea that they see miracles every day. Just because Jesus is not down here in plain sight healing people doesn’t mean it doesn’t still happen.

Take a look around. Look at your spouse, your kids, your siblings, or even your neighbor. Each and every one of those bodies is a miracle created by God.

You also have those who have been through tough dealing with sicknesses and are now healed. Miracle right? I honestly believe it is. A few years ago, Ashley followed a little girl named Lucy from West Tennessee who had cancer. The was sick for a pretty good while. She was at St. Jude in Memphis and the doctors had told the family that there was nothing much they could do. She would be going to see Jesus soon. Well, much to the doctor’s surprise, Jesus had other plans for Lucy. One day, Lucy’s mother posted a picture of her holding Lucy. She looked lifeless. Jesus decided to use Lucy to help make an impact. God healed Lucy and within just a few days she was cancer-free. Now if that isn’t a miracle performed by the One who can, then I don’t know what is.

I pray for miracles to happen. When people are sick and doctors throw in the towel, I pray that God will help heal them. I mentioned in a separate post that I now follow a little boy named Lincoln on Facebook. I usually don’t but this kid has grabbed my attention and my heart. I pray that God heals him. I pray that a miracle happens because this child has the ability to change the world if it is God’s will.

Miracles happen today. We must have faith in God and know that God has a plan for us. His plan may not include healing but it will be the right decision no matter what happens.

Today, pray for those who are sick. Pray for those who are struggling. Give it to God.

God is Good…

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