Do you ever sit and feel alone? Maybe you have received some unexpecting news or maybe you received some tests from your doctor and the news was not what you wanted it to be. Did you have a sense of uncertainty? Your normal day has now turned a 180 and it’s our human nature to get a little deterred. We often times feel we are battling something and we are all alone.

God sometimes puts things in our path that can cause us to make urgent decisions to go one way or another. Some of the times the route we need to take is laid out perfectly clear for us and other times it is hidden and we have to dig around to find out where we need to go.

When God places these detours in our way, we really have no choice but to trust God and take them. When it comes to our health, He may have let a sickness overcome us but it is up to us to take the detour (get the treatment needed) to get around the obstacle that has been placed in front of us. This bend in the road will help grow our faith in God and give us more assurance that He is in control.

Often times we become mad at God when we are dealt with issues that we never wanted to be handed. It can be hard to handle what seems to be unbearable. Facing the unbearable events will help build your faith in God. God will be beside you the entire way, with his arm around you, guiding you through this difficult time. These struggles can be a request from God to trust Him more, turn to Him more.

God has a plan and once you are done with this detour in your life, you will be able to help others, guide others; just as God has helped you.

God is Good.. God has a plan…Trust God… Love God…

Hebrews 13:5 “…For He Himself said, “ I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

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