Extreme Makeover

Some of the most popular television shows that air are the shows that contain some type of makeover. Years ago, The Biggest Loser was very popular where people who were overweight would compete to lose the most weight within a set amount of time. HGTV has become very popular in producing shows that involve the makeover of homes. People purchase homes and hire reality shows to fix them up in ways that most people would never think of. The results that these shows produce always seem to be positive and the customers (or contestants) in the shows seem to be the happiest they have ever been. Emotions also run high for the people involved and many of times the people who are watching.

Some people don’t realize that even these reality shows like this can cost a lot of money. These people and homes are not always just picked for the ratings of the show. They are submitted by families and oftentimes involve a pretty steep budget. People want to be happy and healthy so they are willing to pay whatever they can to make their life meet the standards they want others to see in them.

Are you looking for a makeover?

There is a type of makeover that you can get and it does not cost you one cent. Why? Because it has already been paid for you. This makeover would fall in the more ‘extreme’ makeover category because it has the ability to change your life forever. Not just your life here on earth but your life after you depart. This isn’t a reality show, it is real life. It is a spiritual makeover.

God offered His only Son to come down to earth to live a perfect life and then take the sins of the world to the cross. He died for all of us so we would have the opportunity to live with Him for eternity. It does require us to be faithful followers of Him.

Like the reality show makeovers, our spiritual makeovers are not instant. It takes time. It takes time with God and it takes time studying about Him to fully understand God’s will.

James 4:8Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

Are you stuck overweight with the burdens of the world on you? Is your past weighing you down? If so, it is time for a makeover. Get your life right with Christ. If you go to Him and repent of your sins, your past will no longer be a burden on your soul. He will wipe away all you have you done wrong and you will be able to have the opportunity to live with Him for eternity.

If you live a life of sin, it will take a makeover. If you need guidance, let us help. God has changed our life. We all are sinners and we all can help each other live a more faithful Christian life.

God is Good..

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