At Work

This past week, our nightly devotionals have been about standing out, being holy, and Christlike in a word that does not want us to. Being a Christian, in today’s world, makes it hard to be liked by many people. We are criticized a lot by many and it is shown daily on different types of mass media. We have been talking about how our kids can stand out at school, outside of school, and even with our own brothers and sisters in Christ.

It can be hard for us, as individuals, to stand out and make a difference to a large number of people. We do have the ability to impact smaller groups through our local actions. The best way to work to impact large groups is to be part of a large movement that is trying to impact the world. Don’t go at it alone. Work with other Christians to stand out and let God’s followers grow together to make an impact.

If we are going to live holy, stand out, we are going to need the help of other people. We can’t just go out and grab whoever we want. They have to be godly people who love the Lord and love living for Him.

This past week, we have talked about how we can become like the ones we hang around with the most. We learned that if we spend the most time with God, the more likely we are to be like Him. We would live by His example instead of the world and be able to reach more people.

So, what do we need to do? We need to look for others with the same drive to serve God that we have. They need to love spending time with Him as well. Then, we need to choose to do things together inside and outside of church events.

October 5th has been marked as Brotherwood Wide Door Knocking Day. What better way to take the time to show people that you care? You can simply go to others and pray for them, pray with them, and ask them if they need anything. Doorknocking doesn’t mean you have to invite them to worship. It simply means that you show them the love of Christ and show them that you care. This is an opportunity that you, as a Christian, can stand out.

God is Good…

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