Middle Tennessee, over the past month, has had very little rain. Since we moved to Columbia, the area we live in has not rained one time that I can recall. The grass is dying and the trees look like they are begging for a drink of water. Growing up in West Tennessee, we experienced this a lot as well. It would get so bad that the church family would come together and pray for rain. We prayed because the lives of many families are impacted by the produce that farmers harvest. Without rain, you can lose a lot of your crops.

When we are in an earthly drought, we turn to God. How often do we turn to God when we are in a spiritual drought?

There are many times in my past that I felt like I was in a spiritual drought. I would show up to worship, participate in worship, and involve myself in things that God would want me involved in. These are times that I felt like I was not getting fed enough. I was not hearing what I needed to hear from the pulpit to get me motivated for Christ. Don’t take this I am saying it is the preacher’s fault because the majority of the time it is our own heart who is struggling and not the person presenting a lesson.

So, in these cases, what do we do? We need to always go to God. Just like we do when it is a drought on earth, we should when we are spiritually dried too. Going to God should always be our first step. Pray that we get through our spiritual drought. Pray that he helps become closer to Him and have the enthusiasm to spread His word.

For those who have left the church because they lost their drive for Christ, we would love to help replant your life in Christ and help you grow. We have a wonderful family that loves to help and if you have been too shy or embarrassed to ask publically, we can help you. Message me, text me, or call me. No matter where you are, we can get someone to meet with you. How awesome would it be to spend eternity together?

God is good!!

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