Too Much Water…

Well, yesterday’s post was about being in a drought. Seems like some of you took that and went and prayed for some rain! We finally got rain in the Columbia area after more than a month! God certainly is good. Now, we could use a little more to get the plants back to normal but we are happy with the amount that God has given us.

What is crazy is that we pray and pray for rain. Then, when we get rain, we can sometimes get A LOT of rain. Too much water can be just as bad as not having enough. New lawns need water but they need the right about of water. Too much can lead to root rot and cause the grass to die. Too little can cause the grass to not take root and die as well. You have to have the perfect amount of water to grow a successful healthy yard. If we water it down too much, it will become useless and the results will not be as intended.

Well, scripture works the same way. Nowadays you see many denominations (and non-denominations) watering down scripture to get people to attend their worship. They want to attract people by not fully teaching what the Bible says. They leave out parts that are crucial to our eternal destination. Some of these scriptures are verbatim in the Bible and are completely ignored in their teachings. Why do they water down scripture to attract people?

What would Jesus say if He came down to earth today and heard some of the sermons we hear today? I honestly think that He would look back at the examples in the Bible and shake his head. He would question our teachings and ask why His words are being altered. Jesus never watered down the truth.

In our devotionals at night with our families, we need to make sure that we aren’t watering down scripture with them as well. Include all scripture. Don’t cut and paste parts of some verses and leave out the true details. This can alter the meaning of what it was mean to be. Too much watering of scripture can cause your life to be on the wrong track for eternity.

Teach what Christ says. Read what Christ says. Live what Christ says. His words never change. So why do we keep seeing changes within the Lord’s church?

God is good…

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