Weak or Strong

How many of you love coffee? I have to admit, we drink A LOT of coffee. From the time we wake up each morning, throughout the day when working from home, and even at night, we make a small pot. The caffeine really does not help me much anymore but just the simple taste of it seems to please my thirst at different times.

If you are like us, we sometimes put different types of creamers in our coffee. Different times of the year calls for different types of creamer! Fall is always pumpkin spice and the winter brings other types to the shelf! A lot of times, it is just nice to enjoy a nice cup of straight black coffee.

Have you ever tried to compare your Christian life to a cup of coffee with creamer?

Let’s start with a weak cup of coffee… What happens when you put a small amount of creamer in a weak cup of coffee? It doesn’t take much creamer to completely change the entire cup.

In our Christian life, it works the same way with sin. If you are a weak Christian, one who goes to church and believes in Christ but is not active and does not try to get others to Heaven, it would not take many sins to interrupt your life. When you are weak, you tend to collapse under the pressure of the world.  Just a little bit of sin can cause you to start a path to unrighteousness.

Now on to the strong cup of coffee. I like for my coffee to be very black and not see through. A lot of times I want it to be straight black. Although I like it black, there are times that I want to put creamer in my cup. When I have strong coffee and I want creamer, I have to use a lot of creamer to get it to taste. It takes a lot more creamer than normal to get it to near the taste to meet my specifications.

Back to our Christian life, if our faith in Christ is as strong as our cup of coffee, it will take a lot of sin to drag us down. We would be able to fight the worldly battles easier and have more confidence in ourselves to win the battles. Even though there can be enough sin entering our lives to drag us down, it would take a lot more effort from the devil to change our lives.

What type of Christian are you? Are you a weak Christian that easily falls to the world or are you a strong Christian that fights as hard as you can against the sins of the world?

If you are a weak Christian like the one mentioned above, God can help get you back on the right path to living a strong Christian life. It is up to you to repent and change of the sins you have committed but He will welcome you back. We would love to pray with you and for you.


God is Good.

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