The Truth

Every day we see so many different events happen in our life. Anyone can turn on the news and see multiple different news stories that happened on that day. Social media is another news source where you can simply scroll through your news feed and see hundreds of different stories that people have shared. People … Continue reading The Truth

Dead Battery

Winter is right around the corner. Tomorrow it is supposed to be cold here in Middle Tennessee. We have gone from Summer, to fall, and now into winter within the same month. As most of you know, that is the typical Tennessee season change. We have the privilege to experience all of the seasons in … Continue reading Dead Battery


Would Jesus be amazed at our faith? Many of us Christians attend worship, attend events outside of worship, and even invite people to services. Do these small acts amaze Jesus? Jesus had arrived back at the town of Capernaum when he was approached by representatives of a centurion. A centurion was a Roman soldier with the … Continue reading Faith