Getting your kids involved…

This year we had one of our kids move up into the youth group age at our church. This was a nervous but exciting time for us because we know the positive elements that can come out of the youth group. Growing up, I was always very active in activities that our youth group participated in. We did many things, as a group, that served the people in our congregation and community.

I believe there are many advantages to having our children active in youth activities inside of the church. As adults, we have our group of faithful friends that we do things with. We plan get-togethers, trips, dinners, and much more with these groups because we know that, even as adults, we can be uplifted by those with like faith. The youth group is the same way. What better way to get your kids engaged with other Christian children with like faith than to have them active within the youth group.

Also, as adults, we have our friends that we lean on when we need guidance and prayers. We call upon these people to help us in every situation. Our kids need that too. They need it mainly from our parents but they also need a solid Christian family to lean on when they need help. Sometimes they will need to just talk to friends. I would much rather have them leaning on a group of Christians to help comfort them in their time of need than those who aren’t.

A lot of people believe that the youth group is just a gathering of a crowd set out to have a good time. Really, it is meant to be the total opposite. Yes, they will have fun, they are kids. Didn’t you have fun when you were younger? But the youth group is more than just that. They help each other follow Christ with all of their hearts. They learn things as a group to help shape them to be more like Jesus. Kids are more likely to get engaged with serving others, leading, and studying God’s word when they do it with people who have the same drive as they do.

Having your child a part of a youth group is not a way to push off raising your child to someone else. It is not shifting the responsibility of growing your child spiritually on someone else. That is your job and it always will be.

In 2019, a recent study between active members of the church showed that 36.8% of baptisms were between the ages of 12 and 19. That was followed in a close second place with 32.1% being ages 7-11 and most of those were in the 10.5 to 11-year-old range.

During this same study, it also analyzed those who had the most impact on the child’s decision to become a Christian. Parents and grandparents (as it should) was number one with 50%. But, in second place was not a specific person but a group of people. 28% of children were positively influenced by the youth of the church and the ministries that were served.

Let me repeat, it is our job as parents to teach our children about Christ. We are responsible for the souls of our children. Since we are responsible for the souls of our children, shouldn’t we be trying to keep them surrounded by Christians at all times? Shouldn’t we engage them with other Christians their age as often as we can?

God is Good…

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