Are you dead?

Sometimes we call can feel dead… Mentally, physically, and spiritually. Some days are great and we are full of life whereas other days are the complete opposite. Things happen that spark us and things happen that completely drain us.

Everywhere you look you see people on different types of technology. Whether it be their phone, tablet, or other type of portable device. One thing that all of these have in common is each has a battery. Batteries die quickly especially if they are used a lot. These batteries must be recharged and in order to do that, there must be an electrical outlet around. For the device to maintain a good charge you must plug your item in the outlet often. Why do we use them so much? Because our battery is low and we need to get charged back up.

The same works for us and our spiritual life. We are guilty of going to church to get “recharged” but then by the end of the week (or sometimes the next day) our spiritual battery is dead and we wait until Wednesday or the next Sunday to get charged back up. One awesome thing is that we don’t have to wait. The Bible is our outlet that we can plug ourselves into to get an immediate charge whenever we need it. It’s portable and always ready to give you the inspiration you need to get back to full charge. It is great that we don’t have to wait to get our recharge. Let’s make time for God and His word each day.

God is good!

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