Deep Waters

Growing up in West Tennessee we did a lot of duck hunting. Part of duck hunting is actually getting to the blind early in the morning. There are different ways to get to a blind. Some have the luxury of having a boat that can get them through shallow waters. Others had to use waders.

Using waders can be a unique experience. How many of you have ever used them and let a little water in them? Well, it can be cold in the winter months.

Imagine yourself wading through the waters early in the morning. You are walking along, about waist high, and you see your destination in the distance. It is about a hundred yards away but in the dark, wading through waters, it can seem like a mile. You get about halfway there and suddenly, your terrain changes. You went from waist-deep water to neck-deep in just a few seconds. You are now completely saturated with waters and you are freezing cold. You quickly get back to the more shallow water but the implications of your mishap still show. You do your best to hurry to your blind to get dry and warm.

There are many times in my life that I have been going down a great path spiritually. It feels like everything is going just as planned. Then suddenly, the world crushes me. I get slammed down and my faith gets weak. I tend to stay to myself and don’t really have the motivation that I had before. The devil keeps his army pounding me down further and further and it is a struggle to get back up to where I was before.

When we go through difficult waters in life, we need to try our best to remember that God has a plan for us. We go through things to strengthen us. Instead of fading into the crowd, we need to stand firm and trust God. Surrounding ourselves with brothers and sisters in Christ who have the same drive to get to heaven that we have will help us pull out of the deep waters.

Isaiah 42:3 reminds us that when we go through the deep waters of life, God is always with us. He doesn’t ever leave us and He will guide us to our destination.

If you are struggling with anything, please reach out and let someone help you. Let God help you. He places people into our lives for the right reasons. You can message us, text us, call us, or whatever you need to do and we will try our best to help you get through your tough times. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and need to lean on each other.

God is Good…


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