Spiritual System Update

One thing many people who are techy dread is the day that a new operating system comes out for their computer. They aren’t dreading the change because most of the time the change is great and brings many new enhancements. They are more worried that they will end up losing some of the information that they had saved on the hard drive of the computer. Some people have not adapted to external hard drives or even the cloud storage to save their important documents and photos.

With all technology, system upgrades are needed. They apply security patches to limit the vulnerabilities that can potentially cause viruses. Newer software, oftentimes, are created for the newer operating system as well so an upgrade would be needed for it to perform adequately. If you are running a Windows XP software and it is a Windows 10 world, you opened up your computer to many vulnerabilities. It can be a hacker’s paradise.

Examining our own life in comparison to an operating system, we need to keep our life updated as well. From the time we are born we grow and changes are required. Just think that if you still wore the same clothes now that you did when you were in middle school. That would be odd right? You had to upgrade your size to fit your new body.

In our spiritual life, it works the same exact way. Before becoming a Christian, we were all just normal sinners that had no protections. Then, we decided it was time to upgrade our operating system. We became believers of Christ and made the decision to follow Him. This upgrade added a level of security that no one else can provide. It added God’s protection for eternity. With God’s security, He guarantees us protection but allows us to make the decision to allow viruses into our life. All of us still do, we are not perfect but with God’s virus software, it is a simple prayer to Him to remove any virus we have.

As our Christian life progresses, we need to upgrade our own life still. We have to stay into God’s Word to make sure that we are current with all security patches to fight off the ever-changing world. Attending worship, fellowshipping with other Christians, Bible studies, devotionals, and prayer can help you.

God is an amazing God and he has helped many people through many tough situations. His security manual, the Bible, is so amazing that it never has to be changed and it still fights off the worse viruses this world can encounter.

Are you in need of a spiritual system update?

God is Good…

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