Where do you turn?

Where do you turn when you are dealing with issues? Where do you turn when you are lonely? Where do you turn when something is bothering you?

People deal with things in many different ways. Some, when they are struggling, turn a book to read. They lose themselves into a book so they can enter an augmented reality and forget about their problems. Others turn to social media. They believe that their life can be shadowed by the life of others so they get online to see what others are doing. Others pile themselves up with work to forget their personal struggles. Some even turn to drugs and alcohol to temporarily mask their pains.

Today is simple, if you are struggling, turn to God.

There are so many brothers and sisters in Christ that are wanting to help you. God can guide you to them. When you are struggling, reach out to someone who wants you to get better. Reach out to those who want to help you through any situation. Don’t go to your phone, work, alcohol, or any other form that will just cover your pain for a short time. Go to someone who can heal it forever.

There is only one answer. That is Christ.

God is Good…

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