Fractured Faith

It is Tuesday night and you have a softball game. It’s a work league game so you and your co-workers go out to enjoy a night of softball. Your family comes out and watches you because they love seeing you live out your childhood through softball. You realize that you are not 17 years old any longer but you still try to play like you are an all-star in the major leagues. You are up to bat and get a hit. It’s a solid hit that goes all the way to the fence. You see that the right fielder misplays the ball so you decide to turn a double into a triple. As you come into the base, you slide… You hear a snap and pain shoots into your leg. The base had caught the side of your foot and caused it to twist resulting in a fractured ankle. You head to the doctor to get it checked out and he puts you in a cast to heal. It looks like you are out for the remainder of the season while you recover from your injuries.

Sometimes in our spiritual life, we are rolling along good. We are deep into God’s word, following Him closely, and on fire to do His works. Then, we hit an obstacle that causes us to slow down. It fractures our faith. The world fractures us and we have to take another path to heal and get back on track with what Christ wants us to do. The world tries to break us down more but with God as our backbone, we can overcome the injuries the world gives us and heal quickly.

Is your faith fractured? God is the ultimate physician and through Him, you can become well again. Your faith will not heal if you don’t get the help you need from Him just like your broken bone won’t heal correctly if a doctor does not cast it correctly. Take the first step, go to God, repent of your sins and come back to Christ.

God is Good..

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