I read a post this morning from a guy that had recently quit his job. I am not sure if the post was accurate but it did make me think a little about what he had said. His statement said that when it comes to our work, we are all disposable. We are all replaceable. So take time, enjoy your family and live life.

Pretty accurate words. He is right. In every worldly aspect, we are disposable. We are replaceable. Someone can come in and take our spot in a split second.

But, you know what? We aren’t disposable to Christ. There is not one person ever born that can replace you as God’s child. Each and every one of us is as equally important to Him and His plan. No one is greater.

Many people go out of their way, work long hours, sacrifice family, just to make their employer happy.  They do it to move up in their positions. In reality, you are disposable.

Let’s swap the trend. How about going out of your way, work long hours, and include your family to make Christ happy. You are not disposable to Him. Plus, the reward is SO much greater!

God is Good

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