Dead Battery

Winter is right around the corner. Tomorrow it is supposed to be cold here in Middle Tennessee. We have gone from Summer, to fall, and now into winter within the same month. As most of you know, that is the typical Tennessee season change. We have the privilege to experience all of the seasons in a single week.

With winter comes many things. You now have to wear socks! We hate washing socks and then matching them. One always ends up missing. You also have to wear jackets and warm the car up in the mornings so no one is cold on the way to work or school. Also, with winter, comes dead batteries. I’m speaking specifically about the batteries in your car. It seems like batteries do great until the winter comes and the cold air drains them.  It seems to happen a lot.

What do you do when you have a dead battery in your car? You charge it. If the battery is completely dead and the charger does no good, you have to end up replacing it.

Our faith can be compared to a battery in different ways. We can go along just fine for years and then suddenly one day we wake up and find our faith battery drained. We don’t realize it until something happens and we are already running low. Things creep into our lives and slowly suck the juice out of our battery.

When this happens, we need to get recharged. Just like a car battery, we need to be amped up from time to time. What is the first thing you need to do? First, you need to make an adjustment and get away from the people and things that cause your faith to drain. Get away from the bad influences that have crept into your life. Someone who has dead faith cannot boost the faith of someone else’s faith. It just cannot happen just like a dead battery can’t boost a dead battery. It is simply not possible.

Plug yourself into a charger. Find a place of worship that will constantly boost your faith. Find a family of believers who care more about your faith than you do and wants you to stay strong. God has blessed the world with many faithful brothers and sisters who want to help charge your faith.

If your battery is completely dead, it may be time to get it replaced. There have been times in my life that I have felt that my faith was dead. I was attending worship but I was not being spiritually fed like I needed to be. First, you have to pray about it. God will direct your path on what you need to do to find the perfect place to get recharged. When I was struggling with motivation to attend worship, I knew that I needed to change my battery. We found a great place that keeps us charged. Sometimes our faith starts to drain, but that is normal. We know that we can immediately text our friends and they will pray for us. We know that we can attend worship and we will be recharged.

If your battery is dead, we would like to help get it charged. If it needs to be replaced, let us help you replace it.

God is Good!

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