God’s Power in Your Life

What power does God make available to us?

God gives us the power to know the Truth and believe the Truth. There are so many different types of congregations, both denominational and non-denominational, that exist within a few miles of us. How do we know which ones are right and which ones are preaching things that are not in the Bible? It can be very difficult. How do we know if the preacher is right? How can we trust what he is saying? Is it really what the Bible teaches?  These are simple questions that are very difficult to answer.

The only answer is going to God’s word yourself. If you question what someone is preaching, you need to go to God’s word and dig deep yourself. The only place to find all of the answers is the Bible. There are no other books that are inspired by God himself and especially no books that can get you to heaven.

We also have the power to resist temptations.

This seems hard right? Many of us fail at overcoming temptations but God gives us the power to overcome them all. Ephesians 6:10-18 assures us that the Lord provides strength and power to stand again Satan. We all sin. When we sin, we try to come up with excuses about why we sin. There really should not be any excuse why we sin because God gives us the ability to overcome them before we make the decision to sin.

God gives us the power to do many things. It is up to us to use those powers to help us reach our goal of eternal life.

God is Good..

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