Change can be tough.

Right now, our company is working on transitioning our hosting serves from one datacenter to another. With the new services comes a lot of changes. From the end-user perspective, there are only some small changes but from an administrative level, there are a lot.

A lot of times when change occurs, people lose the power that they had with the ‘old way’. It makes them be defensive and wants to fight back at things that are occurring. It is difficult for them to accept the change. Most of the time, after the change has completed, they quickly realize that the change wasn’t so bad after all and there are a lot of new positives for the ‘new way’.

Before we become Christians (or before fallen Christians come back to Christ), it can be very difficult to want to change. It can be hard to want to give up our current lifestyle to live a life with the Lord. At the moment, you don’t see all of the positives and you don’t take the time to see if the positives in one lifestyle outweigh the positives in the new lifestyle. Change can be difficult.

The change to live a life with Christ has so many rewards. If you are thinking about it, don’t wait. Do it now. You will not experience death. You will be blessed with thousands of new brothers and sisters who all have the same goal. You will be able to live for someone who loves you more than anyone else ever has or ever will. A life with Christ is not the end of a fun life on earth but a beginning to a life beyond earth that cannot compare to anything we have experienced here.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you scared of change? Let God help get you through that change and start over now.

God is Good…

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