Job Well Done

As you may know now, my team at work has been working on a migration to a new hosting system all week. We have been out of town at the facility working on getting things successfully migrated. Yesterday, we had completed our transition. When we had given the facility the ‘all clear’, people were excited that it was over. They were happy that it was a successful migration with minimal issues and thrilled that it was a job well done.

Our life is a constant migration. We migrate from one lifestyle to another. Some make the decision to change quickly and some take longer than others. When we make the decision to go to a new life, a life with Christ, we have to continue to improve ourselves and grow closer to Him.

When the time has come and our project on earth is complete; we want Christ to be like the employees at the hospital. We want Him to be excited that the day is here and we have been successful. We want to hear ‘Job well done’. Once our project on earth is over, we get to spend eternity with Him and others who have also made a successful transition.

What hosting company are you using? Are you letting the world host your life? Or, are you going to make the move to a life hosted by Christ? There is only one that does not guarantee a second death.

If you need help making the transition, please reach out. Let us pray for you. Let us be there for you.

God is good…

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