Feedback Form

A lot of times when we visit places or participate in events, we are sent a feedback form. These feedback forms want to know how the service was, were you happy with your experience, and what could the company/event do better to make the customer’s experience better.

Companies look at these feedback forms and consider making adjustments to help improve the next person’s experience. A new feedback form is sent with each event so they can continue to improve.

What if we handed out feedback forms each time we had an interaction with someone. What would your questions ask? What would the person you communicated with put on your feedback form? Would you need major improvement or would you just have to make minor adjustments?

Now, what if your feedback form was centered around your Christian walk. Would it be different? Would you still need major improvements or just minor adjustments?

We all need continuous adjustments. We all need to work on growing closer to God and more Christlike all the time. We also need to work on the image that we portray to others. Are we actually being Christlike in our interactions? Are we showing the love of God in our everyday life? Whether it is to our kids, our spouse, our parents, our friends, or complete strangers; are we displaying our love for Him?

When our time on earth is over and we are requested to be present on judgment day, what will God’s feedback form for your life state? At this point, there is no more time for improvement. The time has come and there is no going back to fix your life.

We are all sinners and we all need improvement. Being a sinner and living a life of sin are two different things. If you are living a life in sin, please consider making the change today to straighten your life out with God. Make the change before it is too late. God will forgive you but it is up to you to repent of those sins.

Let us pray for you today. If you have any prayer requests, please let us know.

God is Good…

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