The other night, we were at a friends house enjoying the night. One of our children have issues with anxiety when it comes to nighttime and other certain events. He had a moment of anxiety that was causing him to not want to do things with his friends. We asked our friend that was there if he would mind speaking with our son to see if he can help him feel at ease with his thoughts. He spoke with him for a few minutes and then he proceeded to give an example of faith to our son.

He simply said (and may not be exact words but close): “I travel all the time. I fly across the country a lot. As Christians we have the ability that if something happens that we have peace knowing we will go to heaven.” He the proceeded to say, “If I boarded a plane and we took off and the pilot announced shortly after that we were going to crash, how would we react?” He said, “Will we be screaming in frantic because we are about to die or would we be at peace because we know we are going to see Jesus?”.

Thats a pretty solid question. How would we be? How would you react?

His answer to his questions was, “while everyone else is screaming in frantic, I am going to sit back, smile, and order a coke because I know that I will be in heaven with God after this plane goes down”.

This conversation has been on my mind a lot over the past couple of days. How would I react? I know how I hope I would react. Would I react the same as he will?

Do you have the peace of mind that if you were to experience a tragedy today that you would wake up with God?

If not, let’s work together and build each other up so we can be at peace with our final destination. If there is any doubt, let’s pray that God will help us grow closer to Him, spread His word, and bring others to Christ so they can have the same mindset of eternity with Him.

God is Good…

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