Polar Bears

Polar bears are some beautiful bears that live in arctic conditions. Ady Kate loves these bears and thinks they look soft and cuddly! But did you know that these animals are very sneaky? Polar bears love to eat seals and catching them for dinner can be tough. They actually have to use some trickery to catch the seals so they can have their dinner. From the outside, you think they are sweet and innocent but in reality they are smart and sneaky.

The Devil works just like a polar bear. Although he is not omnipresent, like our God, he uses many different disguises to lure in week Christians and non-Christians. Trickery is a game the devil has mastered. Like the polar bear, the Devil tricks people into believing that his way is the best way. He makes sin look appetizing and appealing to our eyes. He uses his army of people to work on our lives and trick us into following him. The devil tricked Adam and Eve in the beginning and he has not stopped since.

The good thing is that God is more powerful and we can use Him to help defeat the devil and his army. Are you one that constantly falls for the devils antics? Join our Christian family as we bond to fight and beat the devil for good. It’s a lifelong fight but with God, all things are possible


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