Broken Resolutions

Can you believe that the year is almost over? It seems like just a few days ago we were sitting up at midnight with friends playing card games and enjoying a fellowship with each other and bringing in the New Years.
As the new year came in, we set goals for ourselves. These resolutions were made with intentions of completing them and living a better life in whatever way we had decided. We may have dedicated ourselves to lose weight, make more money, be a better person, or be a better Christian. Whatever the plan was, we were ready to change our lives.
Like most of the world, two weeks (or maybe a little more) we already have broken our resolution goals. It may have been too cold to workout to shed some weight so we postponed that goal. It seemed like there was always an excuse to get started.
Now we are at today. There are only a few full days left in the year and we are right where we were last New Years Eve. Nothing has changed. So, we decide to set new goals for the next year.
Those are the earthly goals we have set but what about our spiritual goals? Do we ever see our friends announcing on Facebook these types of goals? Do you make these types of goals?
It seems that we are too focused on ourselves to worry about the goals that really matter.
Although we should be setting our spiritual goals in a daily walk with Christ, if you are needing a starting point, make the new year a year to dedicate your life back to Christ. Giving your life back to the One who gave you everything, is a new years resolution that will last an eternity.
If you are a Christian already but just not living fully for Christ, make this new year a mark to start being more involved with your congregation and spreading His word. Invite friends and families to worship, events, and other activities to bring them closer to God as well.
If you are not yet a Christian, there is no better time than now. There is not a reason to wait until the new year but if you are confident that the new year will come, that is a great time to start living a life for Christ. You don’t have to wait until Sunday to repent and confess Christ, be baptized and live for Him. God’s door is always opened. It is up to you to start living a life that only continues after your earthly time is over.
God is Good.

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