Over the past decade, the business world has grown tremendously. People from all over the world are now more engaged with each other than ever before because of the growth of technology. Cell phones, video cameras, and more make it easier for people from all over the world to communicate in a real-time environment. Companies, in the past, had to budget for plane tickets, hotel rooms, and food for their clients in order to meet them in person. Some companies still utilize this type of collaboration but many have turned to technology to meet their needs. 

Along with the growth in technology, people have started to connect through social media aspects as well. There are a few different social media platforms that companies use to connect to their customers. Companies aren’t the only ones using them but individuals themselves. People are connecting with people all over the world that share the same interests as themselves. 

When people network, they connect with people in different parts of the world and share thoughts, ideas, and other things about their interest. Individuals tend to share job opportunites with those in their networking group to give them the first opportunity to apply. These people also meet around different cities and hold conferences and seminars gathered around their group’s main interest. 

The advantages of networking are vast ranging from developing friendships, growing businesses, sharing information, and some people even have found their true love through dating networking sites that are also available. 

Networking is reaching outside of the walls of your business and meeting others and developing a friendship with others. 

Spiritually, this is something that we need to be doing as well. There are many congregations throughout the world who do not utilize the technology to help grow God’s kingdom. 

Do we have to use technology? Absolutely not, but if you don’t, you can be missing out on the easiest way to reach the entire world at almost no cost at all. 

God’s kingdom exists outside of the local churches walls. There are so many different church families that do not believe that they should be reaching out to others and developing relationships with other congregations. Why is this? Why do churches choose to keep their doors closed to spiritual networking? Aren’t we all a part of the same family of believers? 

Spiritual networking existed in the Bible. You can take the entire life of Jesus as a form of networking. Everywhere He went, He developed relationships with people. He brought people closer together and showed them love and compassion on many different occasions. Do you think that the church would have grown if Jesus would have never left His home? 

If Jesus traveled, met other people, interacted with other people, then why don’t we do that as well? What would our country be like if the families of believers in Tennessee networked more closely and often with the members of the church in Florida? 

A recent poll was released that showed that atheists and non-spiritual people have overtaken the number of believers of God. Why is this? It is because they have successfully networked and built their empire. They are doing things to build their own group. Christians have been struggling with this and atheists realized it and have taken control. 

It is time that we step up and branch out. We need to build our relationships with our fellow believers. Our relationships with Christians all over the country and world will grow strong. Non-believers will see how strong and deep our bond is with each other and become interested in what we are living our life for. 

We are called to go out into the world, spread His word, baptize people, so they too can have the opportunity of eternal life with Christ. This is was networking is all about. Are you stuck inside your church walls? It is time that you open those doors and get acquainted with the millions of others across the world that love Christ just as you do.

God is Good..

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