Don’t Blow It

Last night, the Braves played the Mets on Sunday night baseball. The Braves have been playing great baseball over the past month posting some of the best stats in their team history for the month of June. The game started off great. The Braves scored first and then the Mets tied it up. A few innings later the Braves scored again but the Mets answered back with two more runs. Each time the Braves scored, the Mets answered back immediately.

The Braves are known for their late-inning comebacks this year. The 7th inning came along and the Braves scored two more runs to take the 5-3 lead. Then it was like they went into cruise mode. They were up two and from previous experiences when they are up in the late innings, they win. Well, this time it wasn’t the case. The Braves let the Mets score 5 runs in the bottom of the 8th to take the lead. The Braves blew the lead because they could not finish the game like they had started. It ended up costing them the game.

Our Christian life can be compared to a baseball game. We can follow God’s commands our entire life and then at the end just throw them all away and cost us what we had worked for our entire life. There is an old saying that is used by golfers. “It’s not how you drive, its how you arrive”.  It doesn’t matter what you do great in your life, if you quit in the end, you can blow your shot at what you were working on.

Have you been a faithful Christian your whole life and have hit cruise control? Are you living your life to ‘not go to Hell’ or are you living your life to ‘get to Heaven and take others with you’? If you are living your life to get to Heaven and take others with you then you will not have to worry about living your life to not go to hell. You will be rewarded your eternal reward.

If you need to get your life back with Christ, now is the time. Don’t wait.

God is Good..

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